Professional Wedding Dance Lessons to Wow Your Guests

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A wedding is a very special day, but not just for the bride and groom. When it's time for the wedding reception, everyone wants to create a memorable and positive experience, but a lack of experience with ballroom dancing can dampen your hopes. This is where professional wedding dance lessons at Valeo Dance & Fitness Studio can become the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to your partner, son, daughter, or parent. In 2017, the Atlanta studio's own Asiya Khasnutdinova was voted Best Ballroom Dance Instructor, so you can feel assured that you'll be working with a top-rated instructor.

First Dance Lessons

For the bride and groom, private dance lessons can help you create a beautiful first dance that will soften the hearts of all of your guests. Participating in a 30-minute initial consultation will help you decide upon the best style of dance for the first dance song you have chosen. Working together with a professional consultant will help you create a choreographed routine that best speaks to your love. The consultation will also give you a better understanding of what it will take to create the ideal version of that dance. Once you know how much practice and training will be required, you'll be able to set up a schedule and get to work.

Father-Daughter & Mother-Son Dance Lessons

Professional wedding dance lessons aren't just intended for the happy couple. Here at Valeo Dance & Fitness Studio, we also provide lessons to help you make a lasting impression for your father-daughter dance or mother-­son dance. Professional lessons can help you create a moment that your family will cherish forever. By selecting the studio chosen by The Knot as the 2018 Best of Weddings, you can trust that the training you receive will help you impress your guests and enjoy the time you spend on the floor.

Hitting the dance floor shouldn't be unnerving or embarrassing. Professional wedding dance lessons at Valeo Dance & Fitness Studio will help you feel confident and relaxed, as you take a partner onto the floor. Feel free to contact us to arrange your consultation or learn more about our services.