VALEO, from Latin meaning “to be healthy, strong and feel good”...

At Valeo Dance Fitness we offer our signature group dance fitness class ValeoFit1000 taught by Asiya Khasnutdinova voted TOP 10 Cardio Dance Fitness Workouts in USA by SELF magazine! It's the ULTIMATE DANCE FITNESS workout that focuses on healthy weight loss and stress relief that allows you to burn up to 1000 calories in one hour, tone your entire body, strengthen your core and define waistline while having fun! ValeoFit1000 combines intense dance fitness cardio based on interval training with Valeo’s “signature” strengthening exercises using weighted hula hoops, resistance bands, free weights, fitness drumming and balance balls all while toning every muscle fiber to get the ultimate body! Our Valeo Dance Fitness YouTube channel has over 250,000 subscribers worldwide, so what are you waiting for? Let’s dance, sweat and have fun!  

  • 1st Class Free

  • Single Drop-In Class $20

  • 5 Class Pack $95

  • 10 Class Pack $180

  • 1 Month Unlimited $99

  • Monthly Unlimited Membership for 1 Year $60/Month

  • Monthly Unlimited Membership for 6 Months $72/Month

  • Monthly Unlimited Membership for 3 Months $84/Month



Incredible class! The most fun total body workout I have ever done. Asiya always has great music and excellent choreography, and it is coupled with her contagious enthusiasm. You will never be bored in this class - drumsticks, hula hoops (so much better than crunches), resistance bands, gliders and so much more. You will perfect and learn all types of dance including hip hop, jive, ballet, just to name a few. A great cardio and strength-building class all rolled into one!
— Jennifer Kendall
3 inches down in waist alone now, and a new level of happiness to be around such amazing ladies sweating like crazy and loving it. Highlights of my week are Monday Wednesday Saturday!
— Jessica Saulson
The most fun I have ever had exercising in my life. I have tried everything and never stuck with it. I look forward to each and every class. I am loosing weight and inches and most important, getting fit and stronger all the time. So happy I found Valeo Fit 1000!
— Cheryl Jewell
They say that the best exercise for you is one that you actually do.. and this is definitely one of the only classes that has gotten me to continue coming back for more! Asiya is amazing and full of incredible positive energy. She inspires people of all levels to get fit and this class is just fantastic. It’s so much fun and there’s really something for everyone! It truly feels like every part of your body gets an intense but fun workout.
— Cassie Xie
There aren’t enough words to describe how fun and beneficial this class is! I give it 5 stars and two thumbs up and highly recommend it for your life and health!
— Ann Stuart Pearce
Such a blast! We did it for a bachelorette party and everyone loved it! It’s a great workout:)
— Katie Boney
ValeoFit 1000 is my favorite work out I have found— BY FAR!!! You can’t beat the routines, music and the people in the class!!. It really is a great workout that combines everything from cardio/ dance, hula hoops, to yoga balls and floor work. Asiya is awesome and everyone should try it— you won’t be disappointed!
— Molly Tschantz
Great workout! Asiya is fabulous! Great, energetic instructor and motivator!
— Donna White
By far the greatest workout class I have ever attended! Not only is it great for fitness, it is FUN! A great group to dance with taught by a FANTASTIC instructor! I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys dancing for fun!
— Katie Elizabeth
I’ve tried many fitness programs in Vienna and Atlanta, and ValeoFit 1000 is hands down my favorite one. Music selection is amazing which makes the class fun plus toning exercises with weighted hula hoop are amazing. I love this class!
— Nina Dunaway
I have been attending Asiya’s class for over 4 months now and, it is the best (and most fun) total body workout I have ever done. The music is fantastic and and Asiya’s choreography is excellent. You will never be bored in this class - drumsticks, hula hoops (so much better than crunches), resistance bands, gliders and so much more. A phenomenal cardio and strength-building class in a fast-paced hour, led by the most enthusiastic instructor you will ever meet!
— Yelp