Q: What is ValeoFit1000?
A: ValeoFit1000 is our signature group dance fitness class taught by Asiya Khasnutdinova that focuses on healthy weight loss and stress relief that allows you to burn up to 1000 calories in one hour, tone your entire body, strengthen your core and define waistline while having fun! ValeoFit1000 is a UNIQUE method that combines intense dance fitness cardio based on interval training with Valeo’s “signature” strengthening exercises using weighted hula hoops, resistance bands, free weights, fitness drumming and balance balls all while toning every muscle fiber to get the ultimate body! This program is designed for anyone to achieve a perfect body naturally. Based on over a decade of research on different muscular structure groups, Valeo’s highly experienced team of medical and fitness experts have created a fitness method that can transform any problem area or body type by targeting small muscle groups to create lean toned feminine body in a way that does not create bulk.

Q: Why choose ValeoFit1000?
A: ValeoFit1000 is taught by a group of certified fitness and health specialists with a medical background who understand the body movement, physiology, muscular structure and balance and help you optimize your workout while preventing injuries. ValeoFit1000 is a unique method that helps improve key five general fitness skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, speed, strength, flexibility and coordination. The body is naturally programmed to become immune to the stresses of exercise, adapting to repetitive training and stopping the progress of weight loss, strength and endurance. The secret to the success of ValeoFit1000 is simple – no class is the same which prevents workout plateaus!

Q: Why do you believe in a dance-based cardio as opposed to other traditional cardio exercises?
A: We always get a question about how to achieve the ultimate lean and toned dancer's body. The answer is - YOU DANCE! At Valeo we don’t believe in bulking muscles or overworking your large muscle groups. With dance-based cardio you are constantly working different muscles and using your entire body. Additionally there is a mind/body connection that you don’t get with most traditional cardio routines. Every routine is strategically choreographed to specific music so not only are you improving cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, speed, strength, flexibility and coordination but also musicality which makes it fun and creates the ultimate mind/body connection!

Q: Do I have to have dance experience to start ValeoFit1000?
A: Not at all! You do not need to have prior dance experience. ValeoFit1000 is an interval workout not a dance choreography class. We use basic key movements that strategically target specific areas of your body and exhaust the muscles in a way that does not create bulk, and that strengthens the connection to the body. This method is designed for anyone to achieve a perfect body naturally. Please be sure to let us know if you have any medical conditions that may impact your workout such as previous knee, hips, back or shoulder injuries and we will help you along the way and customize the workout to ensure you get the best results while keeping you safe.

Q: Is ValeoFit1000 appropriate for all ages and athletic abilities?
A: Yes, ValeoFit1000 is a great workout for all ages with various fitness backgrounds taught by certified fitness specialists that customize and tailor the workout specifically to you and your fitness ability. We have professional athletes, young moms, women of older age with knee surgeries as well as men enjoying the workout and seeing excellent results. The beauty of this method is it’s customized specifically to you and your fitness background, so that you can get the most out of the workout while having fun!

Q: How often should I exercise?
A: If your goal is to maintain your current fitness level then we recommend 2-3 times a week given that you have a fairly active lifestyle. If your goal is to improve your current fitness level and lose weight then you should target 4-5 times a week. Keep in mind that effects of the workout fade after 72 hours, so don’t miss the classes! ValeoFit1000 is a great workout plan for you by itself or you can use it to complement your current fitness routine. Dedication is really important and adding a workout into your daily routine will help your health and wellness. However, you definitely should not workout all 7 days a week because muscles need a certain amount of rest in order to strengthen and grow.

Q: How long is each workout?
A: ValeoFit1000 is designed to be exactly 1 hour. There is no downtime during this 1-hour workout as we alternate between dance-based cardio and full-body strengthening and toning to achieve maximum results. One of the most frequent comments we get is that 1 hour just flies by.

Q: How often do ValeoFit1000 routines change and what is the reason behind that?
A: The body is naturally programmed to become immune to the stresses of exercise, adapting to repetitive training and stopping the progress of weight loss, strength and endurance. Repetition can make your large muscles bulk and can neglect your smaller muscle groups. The changing content will be sure to give you a total body workout and you won’t neglect any of your muscle groups. ValeoFit1000 routines change every month to prevent workout plateaus!

Q: What should I wear?
A: ValeoFit1000 is a fitness class so please wear regular workout clothes and comfortable athletic footwear. No jazz shoes, heels, socks or anything that can potentially slip off your foot. And always bring a water bottle with you because you will need it!

Q: When will I first start to see results?
A: ValeoFit1000 classes are known for shaping bodies in record time. That being said, results for all types of exercise are based upon body type, time spent exercising, the intensity and frequency of the exercise as well as nutrition. All our instructors are not only certified fitness professionals but also certified wellness & nutrition specialists and can help you address various questions about nutrition. Within your first week of doing ValeoFit1000 you will start to feel your body changing. It may be the case that certain muscles will start aching that have never ached before and your body may feel exhausted. This is all part of the process and nothing is ever achieved without some hard work and determination and Valeo’s method is no difference.