Private Wedding Dance Lessons | Fun, Personal and Tailored to You!


Let us help you make your First Dance memorable! 

At Valeo Dance Studio we help couples make their First Dance MEMORABLE! Whether you need help learning the basics of leading and following, understanding musicality and rhythm or creating a fun SURPRISE dance like you see on YouTube - we are here to help you! We will guide you in selecting the perfect song for your first dance, create dance choreography tailored to your couple and ensure that you are READY to dance on your special day.

We offer a first dance 30-minute intro consultation at $45 where we discuss all the details - song selection, nuances of the dance, choreography, what to expect, we'll get a feel for your overall musicality/coordination and how many lessons we would need.

We offer private dance lessons at $90 each that you can book individually. This is a great option if you are a last-minute planner and the wedding is only a few days away! Don't panic! We will help you and work around your schedule to make the most of the time we have to prepare.

Wedding Dance Package | 4 Private Lessons | $340

This is a great option for a couple looking to learn a few basic moves - a twirl, a dip, a beautiful intro as well as a few basic steps that will help you feel more comfortable and confident on the dance floor. You will look natural and elegant!


Wedding Dance Package | 8 Private Lessons | $620

This is an excellent option for a couple looking to WOW the guests and leave that lasting impressions on the wedding day! We will create custom choreography to a song or special surprise dance that mixes several genres together as you see on YouTube best wedding dances of all time! You can also share the lessons in the package among several family members for mother-son and father-daughter dances.