Sweating and Fun Go Together: Benefits of Dance Cardio

Sweating and Fun Go Together Benefits of Dance Cardio.jpg

If you've never tried dance cardio, you're really missing out. This is a terrific workout for everyone—beginners and advanced—to get your blood pumping and heart rate up. "Benefits?" you ask. Oh yes, there are benefits in dance cardio—you'll just be having too much fun to realize it!

Tones and Uses All Muscles

Just because you're not lifting weights doesn't mean you're not toning your muscles. On the contrary, cardio dance is a very successful tool for toning muscles—particularly obliques, legs and butt. Not only that, you'll get full-body aerobics; many of the dance moves you'll do rotate between using your legs, arms and glutes. In addition, you'll use your core muscles most of the time to give you good form and balance.

It's Not Repetitive

We've all been there—doing the same fitness routine day after day. It gets boring, right? Plus, exercising the same muscles every day will cause you to build up a tolerance and your fitness program won't be as effective as it once was. Dance cardio is quite unique because you won't use your muscles until they're exhausted and you're continually changing movements.

Rhythm and Coordination Improvement

You'll get used to working different parts of your body as you apply different groups of muscles in dance cardio. Believe it or not, all of this can help you with daily activities such as having good posture, walking and your balance. It will also teach you new dance moves that you can impress your friends with later!

Brain and Mood Booster

Have you ever noticed when you hear your favorite song or a song with a great beat that you start to move? Well, when that occurs, your neurons, motor and sensory circuits in your brain are firing up. Dancing also improves memory and recall. An added bonus is that a cardio dance workout also perks up your mood. Even after the class you will notice a boost in your mood!

Positive Body Image

Dance cardio will have you feeling great and looking even better. You will be moving your body in a way that celebrates what you can do. Celebrating your body will lead you to feeling confident, strong and sexy. The point is to get into shape and have fun while doing it!

Would you like to get back into the "swing" of an exercise program? Are you looking for an addictive, motivating and fun full-body workout? Contact us to join our dance cardio classes!