Fitness Drumming: The Music Lover's Workout

Fitness Drumming The Music Lover's Workout.png

What is Fitness Drumming?

If you really get into the music when you're working out, then fitness drumming might be exactly what your workout routine has been missing. It combines the simple movement of drumming and a complete cardio routine and creates a full body music-centered workout that exhilarates your senses while burning calories.

Who is Fitness Drumming For?

You don't have to be a professional musician to reap the benefits of this drumstick-wielding workout, just let the beat of the music be your guide as you pound out the rhythm against the mat and work up a sweat. If you love music and you want to put a little groove in your cardio routine, then fitness drumming will have your heart pumping and your face smiling in no time at all.

What Can Fitness Drumming Do for Me?

Not only can fitness drumming burn calories, but the workout can target and strengthen many muscle groups including your abs and core! Because this portion of the class is centered around music, dance, and drumming, it has become a growing trend that is catching on with all ages; it's fun and adaptable and never feels like the same old boring workout.

Check it Out

If you want to see what fitness drumming is all about, check out one of our videos and witness the excitement and energy that our classes have to offer. Valeo Dance Fitness Studio also presents a range of thrilling classes that ensures your routine will never go flat. You can pop in and swing those hips with weighted hula hoops, then mix it up while bumpin' with resistance bands, and of course come in and just dance with our cardio jive classes.

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