Dance Can Spice Up Your Corporate Event

Corporate events don't have to be dull and boring things that your employees dread attending. In fact, your corporate event could be the highlight of the year when you bring in some dancing to spice things up, get everyone excited, and help your team connect. Are you planning one or more of your annual corporate events? Consider how you could use Valeo Dance & Fitness Studio to help spice up your corporate event

Dancing Can Get Conversations Flowing

Create dancing ice-breakers. Forget your usual bland team-building activities that leave everyone sitting around a table. Instead, try ice-breakers through dancing! Bring in a great event Emcee who can help challenge your employees and take their accomplishments to new heights.

Dance can Promote Teamwork

Host a flash mob. There's nothing quite like a flash mob to get everything going. Invite your employees to join you in a flash mob with some of the best dance music of the year

Dancing Gets the Party Started

Put together a custom-themed dance party. What's your theme for the year? Are you hosting a holiday party? Celebrating sales accomplishments? Cheering on employees who have gone above and beyond? By incorporating dancing into a custom-themed party, this can really make your corporate event shine.

No matter what you have in mind for your next event, we can help spice things up. Our clients include the School of Georgia for flash mobs, the Red and Green City Holiday Event for engineers and architects and the Mercedes Benz Stadium, the Valentine's Day Dance at Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Citigroup's private client appreciation event, and 80's dance parties for many weddings as well as a wide range of other corporate dance parties. Will your next corporate event make our list of the brightest and the best? Contact us today to learn more. Our custom events start as low as $200, so there's an option available for your budget today.