The Beginning of Your Lives: Your Beautiful First Wedding Dance

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At Valeo Dance Studio, our work revolves around you: the couple. From tastefully selected music to personalized choreography, your first wedding dance will be the highlight of the evening.

An Intro Session Fit for a Perfect Couple

We offer a 30-minute intro consultation for $45, a low price to get you started. With any luck, you and your partner will become dazzled by the promises that lurk within that first consultation. This is your special day, and we wish to honor it with professionalism folded into a batter of fun.

If you have envisioned a particular style of dance, we will work with you to ensure what you've dreamt will come to life. We work with couples of all skill levels, training even the most anxious of dancers to tango or waltz competently. We know that all you want is to have fun and start your life together on an exciting foot!

A Memorable First Wedding Dance for the Books

Valeo Dance Studio, voted 2018 and 2019 Best of Weddings by the Knot, is chockful of experienced choreographers who love the art of dance. Let them inspire you through any of our dancing sessions, including our $150 Crash Course.

Is your wedding just a few days away? Has the time flown by blissfully and without notice? No need to worry about stumbling through the rhythm of a song hastily choreographed, not when we can train you to glide across the floor like a ballerina.

This 75-minute course will have you on your feet and dancing the night away in no time! Prepare to wow your family and friends with your newly acquired skill set, and shock them with how well the lesson has paid off!

Ready to Shock Your Audience?

In fact, are you ready to entrust us with the first dance of your married life? Contact us today!