Love doing Valeo workouts from home on YouTube!! They are amazing!! As a mother of two its hard to get to the gym! This is by far my favorite new workout!
— Kara P.
This is a CARDIO BLAST!!!! High knees, cris-crosses, squats, burpees, inner thighs, arms and so much more!!! Get ready! If you are having any knee problems, modify high knees and burpees to a march and a plank. For more info please visit or download free Valeo Dance app for easy check out!
ABS ABS AND MORE ABS!!! Looking to get a six pack just in time for the summer?! This dance fitness routine is for you!!!! PLUR fitness drumming makes it a FUN total body workout! Join us and try it yourself!!! For more info please visit or download free Valeo Dance app for easy check out!
Absolutely LOVE this track and just can't get enough of it!!! Enjoy this simple dance fitness workout routine to CHEAP THRILLS! Easy-to-follow steps with lots of hip rolls and sexiness:) And yes, we definitely have ALL WE NEED - music, dance floor and our fabulous VALEO girls!
LOVE the beat and rhythm! Gets ready for LOTS of squats and pliés while having a BLAST with drumsticks! For more info download free VALEO DANCE app for iPhones and Androids or visit website
Excellent total body dance fitness workout that incorporates squats, leg lifts for lower abs as well as some cha cha cha! For more info please visit
Excellent balletics toning routine by Katie with a chair instead of ballet barre! If you have any knee problems, please modify grande plies keeping your heels on the floor and not going down as low. For a chair plank, make sure your weight is over the chair and keep your core engaged.