Valeo Beauty Bar

The only “bar” that mixes nature and sophistication offering 100% natural one-of-a-kind skin care solutions created with the finest, purest and most effective certified organic ingredients that guarantee amazing results.

These products are packed with natural super stars like Ginger to detox your body, Eucalyptus to help support the respiratory system and treat any issues involving it such as asthma and bronchitis infections, anti-cellulite properties of coffee to help redistribute fat cells and decrease the formation of more cellulite, plus humectants and exfoliating properties of brown sugar to hydrate your skin while keeping moisture within generating fresher younger-looking skin and brining out that youthful radiance.

Valeo's incredible team of medical and fitness specialists led by Svetlana Khasnutdinova, MD, PHD, has been on the pulse of beauty trends and technologies in Russia and Europe. With her medical background and track record of innovation, it is no surprise that Svetlana recognizes the importance of offering 100% natural products to her clients. She and her team of medical specialists put their heads together and formulated an exceptional organic skincare line… Valeo style.

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Valeo Detox Bath | Eucalyptus, Ginger, Epsom Salt | $10

Valeo Detox Bath soaks away stress, mental exhaustion and muscle pain as well as stimulates the metabolic process and helps sweat toxins out of your body through our largest organ - skin, also referred to as our third kidney. Using Valeo Detox Bath at least 3 times a week will help you look better, feel better and more energetic.


Valeo Anti-Cellulite Scrub | Coffee, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Vanilla | $10 

Valeo Anti-Cellulite Scrub is a natural way to banish cellulite, reduce varicose veins, exfoliate, tighten, tone and hydrate your skin as well as improve its appearance. A wake-up call for dull, tired skin, this innovative and effective body scrub deeply nourishes and brightens as it removes dead skin cells, preparing skin for maximum moisture absorption and even color distribution.


Valeo Beauty Bar Is Pure
We focus first and foremost on using natural ingredients