Group Dance Fitness Classes

Join us for our signature ValeoFit1000 the Ultimate Dance Fitness Workout group class taught by Asiya! Cardio blocks of intense dance fitness, weighted hula hoops, fitness drumming, resistance training and so much more... Burn up to 1000 calories in 1 hour while having FUN! First class is FREE! Watch the video!

Wedding Dance Programs

Our wedding dance programs have received lots of praise around the country! We have local brides and out-of-town bridal parties fly in to schedule private lessons, create surprise wedding dances, as well as host custom bachelorette dance parties! Check out what our clients say about us on The Knot....

Valeo Retreats

5 days of zen in a luxury private oceanfront VALEO villa with the perfect balance of endorphin boosting Valeo Dance Fitness workouts, resistance training, fun beach activities, sunset salsa and tango lessons, one-on-one health and nutrition counseling, fresh balanced eating, spa and relaxation in the sun!