FEATURED | ValeoFit 1000 Buckhead's Ultimate Dance Fitness Experience
VALEO, from Latin meaning “to be healthy, strong and feel good”, is a method created by a mother-daughter duo that will help you attain one of the greatest gifts of all – good health. Svetlana Khasnutdinova’s 30-year medical expertise and understanding of body types, muscular structure as well as physiological knowledge attained through various work in Russia and Europe and Asiya Khasnutdinova’s 20-year dance and fitness experience which includes becoming a 5-time champion of NW Russia in Latin dance as well as becoming a certified fitness and nutrition specialist, helped this dynamic team create the Ultimate Dance Fitness method ValeoFit1000 like no other using innovative and trend setting techniques that help women across the board achieve bodies they really want. Local celebrities, business professionals and moms swear by this method because it does wonders to their bodies, confidence and sex life. At Valeo we believe that there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have the body you deserve in terms of physical activity. We empower women to be strong, look great and feel sexy. 
ValeoFit1000 is the ULTIMATE DANCE FITNESS workout that focuses on healthy weight loss & stress relief that allows you to burn up to 1000 calories in one hour, tone your entire body, strengthen your core and define waistline while having fun! Based on over a decade of research on different muscular structure groups, Valeo’s highly experienced team of medical and fitness experts have created a fitness method that can transform any problem area or body type by targeting small muscle groups to create lean toned feminine body in a way that does not create bulk. ValeoFit1000 is a UNIQUE method that combines intense dance fitness cardio based on interval training with Valeo’s “signature” strengthening exercises using weighted hula hoops, resistance bands, free weights and balance balls all while toning every muscle fiber to get the ultimate body! This program is designed for anyone to achieve a perfect body naturally. 

Voted Best Fitness Instructor in Atlanta
Top 10 Dance Fitness Workout in USA featured in SELF magazine April 2016 Issue
Top 20 So You Think You Can Dance
5-time Champion of NW Russia in Latin Dance
Professional Dancer and Choreographer for Dancing Stars of Atlanta and Celebrities Dance Challenge
AFPA Certified Health & Fitness Specialist
Valeo Dance and Fitness Studio
FEATURED | ValeoFit 1000 Buckhead's Ultimate Dance Fitness Experience!